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9 Responses to Welcome to 3Sinhala Web Radio

  1. PadmalGayantha says:

    ela kiri

  2. Praveena says:

    hello.i’m praveena frm jaffna.can u plz give me the sng rapata rapata.i & my frnds like 2 hear that sng plzzz

  3. lucky says:

    elama wedak aaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  4. Nuwan says:

    Best work . we are enjoying it.
    good luck

  5. Nimal says:

    Thank you for your 24 hour service, I am a resident of Canada and enjoy your back to back mix of music played for most of Sri lankans live overseas.
    I have some suggestion for your transmission to do better and appreciate by most of us
    1. If you can announce your service as Thunsinhala instead of Threesinhala because Thunsinhala is a sinhala word but Threesinhala is a mix word english and sinhala
    2. It is appreciated if you can let one song is played fully till the end to start another song, this way we can fully enjoy the song
    Hope you will give your consideration for my suggestions, Thank you

  6. piyal says:


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